Makler in Hamburg
September 7, 2021

Dein Makler in Hamburg

By maha service

MAHA SERVICES is your broker in Hamburg for a successful home purchase

Buying your own home is often the fulfillment of a long-cherished dream. Hamburg is a city with many advantages and a popular address for many prospective buyers. New residential areas have developed around the gigantic ports, the Alster, the beautiful warehouse district and a trendy city center with lots of green spaces. If you want to buy a house in Hamburg and you want your dream of a chic home to come true, MAHA SERVICES, as an experienced broker in Hamburg, is exactly the right contact for you. 

Your real estate agent in Hamburg is at your side as a professional seller in your search for the right house

Our employees are the regional experts for serious real estate brokerage. Relevant experience and working with many satisfied customers has made us a reliable partner on the real estate market in Hamburg and the surrounding area. Our passion is the smooth and reliable support of your house purchase in Hamburg.

MAHA SERVICES in Hamburg takes over for you:

– The correct and complete determination of the actual market value of the selected houses and real estate,

– Important administrative procedures such as obtaining an energy certificate,

– The coordination and implementation of the joint viewing appointments,

– All contract negotiations with the seller based on sound knowledge of sales law,

– Accompaniment to notary appointments,

– And the professional advice before and after the purchase of your dream house.

Nothing escapes the trained eye of your broker in Hamburg

During an on-site viewing of the selected property, it is definitely always advisable to have an expert with you as an accompaniment. Your dream house just looks perfect to you and your thoughts are already on furnishing and decorating the individual rooms. But what has absolute priority before buying is the well-founded determination of the overall condition of your new house. An accompanying person like our experienced brokerage service in Hamburg, can be a useful help here as a valuable second opinion and experienced expert. The history of the property is just as important as the current building structure. Deficiencies, advantages and units in need of refurbishment should be documented in writing, and rights of use and maintenance costs must also be absolutely clear before the purchase.  

Buying a house with the support of a real estate agent protects you from making a bad investment

As a rule, a house is not simply paid for out of petty cash and is often financed over several years. It is an investment in your future and later your family should live there and be happy there for a long time. So that your dream of your own house does not turn into a nightmare and your money is invested safely, MAHA SERVICES supports you as a Hamburg broker with relevant experience and advises you with first-class know-how.